Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo
Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo
Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo

Zhenya Shershnev. Professional Photographer.

It just seems that you and I are on different sides — I am behind the camera, and you are in front of it. In fact, we are with you for one thing. For art. Once you understand this, the magic begins.

At the moment I shoot portraits of all directions: personal, acting, business portrait. Photo shoot of children. Subject photography. Sometimes fashion and beauty shooting. Photo shoot in the studio or on the street — at your choice. It is interesting for me to reveal each person in the frame: his beauty in various manifestations and emotions.

I studied photography. First at Vladimir Anatolyevich Soshnikov is a photographer in the third generation and a teacher at the Academy of Photography and at the College of RSUH. And I continue to study, attending master classes of the best photographers in the industry, for example, from Valentin Blokh. I study interesting light schemes and try to put all the knowledge into practice. I resort to artistic images in my works. In social networks, I call myself an antipsychologist — I want you to go crazy about yourself! 

Sometimes I participate in photo contests. My work on Photo Vogue

Needs a photographer here, but don’t know where to find a photographer who will take beautiful photos? You found him!

Женя Шершнёв фотограф
классическая фотография
Эротическая фотосессия
Портретная фотосъемка в студии в Санкт-Петербурге
Портретная фотосъемка в фотостудии в Москве

Красивые чб фотографии

Portrait of a woman 

Female portrait photography is a work that conveys the beauty and character of the model. It can be elegant, elegant and emotionally intense. A photographer should be able to capture the uniqueness of each woman and convey it to my job.A good portrait of a woman turns out well when there is high-quality light that highlights the beauty of the face and the contours of the figure. The photographer should also be able to create a cozy atmosphere so that the model feels comfortable and can express herself freely.The best photos are usually the result of long-term work of the photographer and the model. This is a job that requires patience, creativity and understanding of the nature of the model.

Woman portrait
стрит фотосессия с Полиной в Москве

Street photography

Street photo or street photo is the most flexible for creative realization. Weather and lighting simulate the shooting atmosphere, a huge variety of locations will not stop your creative imagination. It seems to me that the best photos were taken on the street. You can use different backgrounds, smoke effects, natural props and even random people to implement the idea. Working with space, searching for the best angles, of course, takes time, you need to walk and drive a lot, but the result will always reward you. 

You can shoot in the rain, in the snow, in the water and under water, on roofs and on yachts. In the desert and in the entrance.

Street photos
ню фотосессия или будуарная фотосессия в студии

Nude photosession

In order to make a nude photo shoot, it is necessary to take into account several important points. Firstly, the experience of a photographer who can create a comfortable atmosphere and help you relax in front of the camera. Secondly, it is a location for a photo shoot where you feel confident and comfortable, usually it is a photo studio, because there is light in the studio that can be made soft and natural to create aesthetically attractive photos.It is important to remember that a nude photo shoot can be a very intimate and personal experience, so it is necessary to discuss all the details and wishes with the photographer in advance to avoid misunderstandings. As a result, a nude photo shoot is not only beautiful photos, but also a pleasant experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Nude photos
Красивые фотографии в студии модельные тесты

Studio photo shoot

A studio photo shoot is not only beautiful photos, but also a pleasant process for all participants. If you want to make a professional photo shoot in a photo studio, then you need to follow a few simple tips: choose a photo studio that will be comfortable for you. Prepare your wardrobe in advance. Choose clothes that will match the background and help highlight your personality. Think about makeup or lack of it. If you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to contact a professional. Relax and enjoy the process. 

Following these simple tips, you will be able to make a professional photo shoot in a photo studio that will be memorable and enjoyable.

Photos in studio
мужская фотосессия

Portrait of a men

I myself shoot periodically to understand how the hero feels on the set. First of all, it is the comfort of communication between the photographer and the person being portrayed. Show self-confidence and naturalness in your movements. Don’t try to imitate someone else, just be yourself.

Men photos
детская фотосессия

Photo shoot with a child 

Photographing children is both simple and not at all simple. Children are always natural, this is a huge plus, they always turn out the way they are. But children are different and others are very difficult to catch and shoot in a good angle, under a good light. But, as a rule, children are happy to cooperate with the photographer through the game.

Children photos
купить фото

Buy art photos 

Art photography

Art photos
предметная фотосъемка

Subject shooting 

Subject photography

Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo
Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo
Professional portrait photographer. Art and creative photo

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